Summer Classes Info

Summer Classes Start June 25th

No Classes July 2nd-7th



Black Starts June 25th-July 21st 

Classes Listed In Black 3 weeks  Recreational Classes .No class July 2nd-6th 


Red Starts July 9th All Comp National dancers must attend 

Classes Listed In Red 2 weeks -Comp Only


Blue Starts July 16th All Comp National dancers must attend 

Classes Listed In Blue 1week- Comp Only


Recreational Classes:

$60.00 1 Class

$100.00 2 Classes 

$160.00 3 Classes 

$220.00 4 Classes 

$280 Unlimited Classes 

Starbound Nationals Competition Training

$375.00 Unlimited Classes


Monday Studio A

10:00 Silence/Shuck - Brea

11:00 Haze/Dance With Your Daddy - Brea

12:00 Shake the Room - Brea

1:00 Teen Solos-Brea 

4:00 Silence/Shuck - Charleigh

5:00 Haze/Dance With Your Daddy - Cameron

6:00 Teen Contemporary -  Cameron

7:00 Shake the Room - Aksana

8:00 Invitation/Let me go - Charleigh


Monday Studio B

1:00   Teen Flex - Cameron

12:00 Jr Flex - Cameron

4:00 7-10yrs Contemporary - Cameron

5:00 7-10yrs Ballet - Charleigh

6:00 Jr Elite Solo - Aksana

7:00 Teen Turns and Jumps Adv - Charleigh

8:00 Teen Hip Hop -   Lynnette


Monday Studio C

6:00 9-12yrs Flex - Charleigh

7:00 9-12yrs Hip Hop - Lynnette

8:00 Teen Solos - Aksana


Tuesday  Studio A

10:00  Confident - Charleigh

11:00 Mourning - Charleigh

12:00 Body gold/Blue Wine - Charleigh

1:00  Invitation/Let me go - Charleigh

4:00  Confident - Charleigh

5:00 RICO - Lynnette

6:00 Body gold/Blue Wine/Mourning - Brea

7:00 Clique - Lynnette

8:00 I’m Different - Lynnette


Tuesday Studio B

10:00 Teen Solos - Cameron

11:00 Flex Jr - Cameron

4:00 6-9yrs Hip Hop - Lynnette

5:00 6-9yrs Jazz - Brea

6:00 Jr Solos - Charleigh

7:00 12-Teen Turns and Jumps Inter - Charleigh

8:00 Teen Solos - Charleigh


Tuesday Studio C

2:00 6-9yrs Jazz - Brea

3:00 6-8yrs Tap - Lynnette

4:00 Jr Solos - Brea

5:00 9-12yrs Turns and Jumps - Charleigh

6:00 9-12yrs Hip Hop - Lynnette


Wednesday  Studio A

10:30 Story of oak - Brea

11:30 Body gold/Blue Wine - Brea

12:30 Invitation/Let me go-Brea

1:30 Haunted/Breaking the Silence - Brea

2:00 Hanging Tree-Aksana 

3:00 Story of oak -Aksana

4:00 9-12yrs Ballet -Aksana

5:00 Haze -Cameron 

6:00 El Sol Espanol - Camron

7:00 Haunted - Cameron



Wednesday Studio B

11:00 Flex Teen- Cameron  

12:00 Flex Jr -Cameron

4:00 Jr Elite Ballet-Ale  

5:00 Ballet Pre Teen Elite- Ale 

6:00 Ballet Haunted - Ale

7:00 Tumbling 9-11yrs - Vega 

8:00 Tumbling Teen - Vega


Wednesday Studio C

9:45   Ballet/Tap 3-4yrs - Brooklyn

10:30 Combo 4-5yrs - Brooklyn 

5:00 Tap 9-12yrs - Lynnette 

6:00 Hip Hop 9-12yrs - Lynnette

7:00 Jazz Int Teen - Lynnette


Thursday Studio A

10:00 Flex Jr - Cameron

11:15 Dance With your Daddy/Haze - Cameron

12:15 RICO - Lynnette

1:15 I’m Different - Lynnette

2:15 Clique - Lynnette

3:15 Combo 4-6yrs - Brea

4:00  Hanging Tree - Charleigh

5:00  Confident - Charleigh

6:00 Body gold/Blue Wine - Charleigh

7:00 Breaking the Silence - Charleigh

8:00 Haunted - Charleigh


Thursday Studio B

4:00 Jr Elite Ballet - Ale

5:00 Pre Teen Ballet - Ale

6:00 Tumbling Teen - Vega

7:00 Tumbling 9-12yrs - Vega


Thursday Studio C

3:15 Flex 12-14yrs - Aksana

4:00 Ballet 6-8yrs - Aksana

5:00 Jazz  6-8yrs  - Brea

6:00 9-12yrs  Contemporary - Cameron

7:00 Teen Flex - Cameron


Friday Studio A

10:30-12:00 Jr Elite Large/Jr Elite Small

12:00-1:30   All Teen Groups Contemp

2:30-3:00  Shake the room - Aksana

3:00-4:30  Story of Oak - Aksana

4:30-5:30 Jr Solos - Aksana


Friday Studio B

12:30 Ballet/Pre Pointe Jr Elite - Ale

2:00 Ballet/ Pilates PreTeen Elite/Teen - Ale

3:00-4:30 Teen Ballet Int Ale 

4:30-5:15 El Sol Espanol - Ale


Sat Studio A

10:00-11:00 Jr Solos - Aksana


Sat Studio B

11:00-12:00 Jr Elite Solos - Brea

12:00-1:30 Jr Flex/Conditioning - Brea/Cameron

11:00-12:00  Teen Solos - Cameron

12-1:30 Teen Flex/Conditioning - Brea/Cameron

Sat Studio C

11:00-12:00 Story of Oak - Aksana

Summer Camps Info


Contemporary dance combines elements of Jazz, Modern, Lyrical and Classical Ballet genres. Our goal is to develop each student’s technical and artistic abilities.

Recommended Attire: Any type leotard or dance clothing, no baggy tops or pants please. Jazz, Lyrical or Ballet shoes if you have them.

June 25th-29th   $125.00

10:00-12:30pm   9-11yrs  

12:30-2:30pm     12-14yrs 

Miss Cameron

Moana Ballet Camp

Don’t miss the Hawaiian fun this summer by learning dance routines to Disney’s music by Moana. No previous dance experience is necessary, although ballet shoes are recommended. We will dance ballet, lyrical and jazz throughout the week and have Moana themed crafts to enjoy at the end of each day. On the final day of camp (Friday 7/13) we will invite family & friends in to watch a small performance at the end of the class.

July 9th-13th ~ $65.00 ~ Miss Brooklyn

9:15-10:00 am     

Ages 2.5-3Yrs      


Disney Princess Ballet Camp 

Put on your tiaras and glass slippers and join us for a fantasy week of learning how to dance like a princess! Each day we will have a different Disney themed princess to dance to and your child is welcome to come dressed as that princess if they wish. (Monday: Princess Bell, Tuesday: Princess Ariel, Wednesday: Princess Aurora, Thursday: Princess Rapunzel, Friday: Princess Cinderella.) During the week we will dance ballet, tap and jazz. No experience is necessary, although ballet and tap shoes are recommended for this class. We will also have Disney Princess themed crafts to end each camp day and on the final day (Friday 7/13) we will have a small performance for family & friends to come in and watch at the end of class.

July 9th-13th ~ $75.00 ~ Miss Brooklyn

10:00-11:00 am       

Ages 4-5yrs    

Boys Hip Hop Camp 

Hip Hop is the perfect camp for your little guy who loves to dance, stay active and have fun! In this camp we will dance to different hip hop basketball songs and keep it sporty. No previous dance experience is required for this camp, although sporty active clothes and closed toed shoes are recommended. At the end of each day we will have sport related crafts to enjoy and on the final day (Friday 7/13) we will invite family & friends in to watch a small performance at the end of class.

July 9th-13th ~ $75.00 ~ Miss Brooklyn

11:00-12:00 pm.  

Ages 4-6yrs.          

Jazz/Technique Intensive 

Come ready to create your own movement and learn about the importance of choreography! We will be doing exercises that will help develop  spacial  and body awareness along with team work and unity. Intertwined will be jazz technique with focus on leaps, turns and jumps. 

Recommended Attire: Any style leotard or dance attire, no baggy shirts/pants please. Jazz, Lyrical or Ballet shoes if you have them.

 August 13th-17th  ~ $175.00 ~ Miss Charleigh

3:30-5:00    7-10yrs 

5:00-6:30    9-12yrs 

6:30-8:30    Teen       

Ballet Intensive (Competition Team Only)

The Ballet Intensive is open only to the 2018-2019 competition team dancers. It is mandatory for anyone on a jazz, lyrical, or contemporary team. Dancers will participate in a 30-minute conditioning warm up class, followed by a 1.5 hour ballet technique class. This week is meant to reinforce and strengthen the dancers’ technique in preparation for the new competition season.


Dress Attire: Black leotard, pink ballet slippers (style below), pink ballet tights (style below), hair in a neat bun.


Ballet Slippers: Capezio Juliet Split-Sole Style #2027 in Light Pink

Ballet Tights: Capezio Ultra Soft Transition Style #1816 in Ballet Pink


August 20th-24th ~ $175.00 ~ Miss Ale

4:00-6:00  9-12yrs 

6:00-8:00  Teen 

 For inquiries about summer camps, please send an email to:

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