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The Dance Company of Los Gatos places great importance on the quality of dance education for its team members.

TDC strives to

  • Grow team member's talents as a dancer, develop their leadership qualities and promote teamwork and respect for fellow dancers.

  • Instill strong commitment, hard work, dedication, a passion for dance, and a drive for self-improvement. 

  • Create self-esteem building and an energetic learning experience.

  • Give dancers the opportunity to train under the guidance of the industry's leading teachers  and choreographers who will elevate their skill and performance levels and help them to achieved their dance goals.  

  • Build a long term working relationship with our families that will promote the development and talent of each dancer. 

Our Philosophy

The audition panel is comprised of the Studio Director, TDC Instructors & select outside Choreographers.  They will decide the placement of the dancers for all groups, duets, and trios.  Our primary goal is to create groups that we feel will do well, both for the sake of the team and each individual dancer involved. Being part of a team requires everyone involved to: agree to, accept and embrace the fact that each and every routine your child is in will bring them benefits in some way, shape, or form.  The Director & Instructors want EVERY single one of our dancers to be the very best they can be so that we can build the very best team possible.


  • Technique 

  • Potential

  • Commitment level

  • Enthusiasm 

  • Stage presence

  • Timing and musicality

  • Ability to pick up & remember dance combinations

  • Ability to take and apply corrections

  • Flexibility, Power & Strength


Additional Criteria for Current TDC dancers

  • Exhibited a positive attitude & worked hard in last season’s classes. 

  • Respect and courtesy shown towards fellow students and teachers.

  • Good class attendance during the last dance year 

  • Strong expression and presentation while performing in studio and on stage

  • For parents- All accounts must be up-to-date 


Blue Wine
Let Me Go
Changes Everything
2018 Season

2018 Season

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