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June 18th , 2022
11:30 AM Performance 
Wildwood Park  

Tiny Tot SHOW

Monday 3:30- Miss Sasha
Monday 3:30- Miss Brea

Tuesday 4:00-Miss Brea
Wednesday 2:45-Miss Sasha
Wednesday 3:15 Miss Sasha
Wednesday 4:00 Miss Sasha
Friday 3:30 Miss Sasha
Sr. Solos 

Outdoor Recital: 


We are hosting an outdoor recital so that parents and family members can watch your dancers perform in a COVID safe environment.
This will be a "Picnic style" recital. So please pack some snacks, blankets, beverages of your choice and get ready to watch your dancers perform. 

After the performance, we ask you kindly to leave promptly after the final bows because we have other shows for different dancers at 1:30, 3:30 Thank you & we apologize for the inconvenience.  


Wildwood Park has a maximum capacity of 100 people during each show

Costumes/ Hair/ Apparel 

All tiny tot classes: Pink tights & pink ballet shoes & hair in a bun