2019 TDC Holiday Performance




Holiday performance 4:30 & 5:00pm

Monday 12/16th 

3:15 Drop off in Studio C 

Studio A -4:30 REC Parents  performance

Studio A Comp Parents - 5:00 performance  

 performances is about 25 mins - same dances  and dancers in  performance 1 & 2

Drinks and Apps for parents studio B-3:15-5:30pm

Classes in Mondays performance 1 and 2

Monday 2:30 Ballet/Tumbling  Miss Sasha 

Monday 3:30 Ballet/Tumbling  Miss Sasha 

Monday Company        Miss Akasna

Monday Mini Comp      Miss Aksana 

Friday 3:30 Ballet          Miss Aksana

Friday 3:30 Hip Hop     Miss Sasha

Friday 3:30 Lyrical        Miss Cori 

Friday 4:15 Tumbling    Miss Sasha 

Friday 5:00 Tumbling   Miss Sasha 

5:30 Dancers Pizza and Treats! Studio B 

Holiday performance  6:45 pm

Monday    12/16th 

Monday 6:00 Drop off Studio C 

Drinks and Apps for parents studio B-6:00-6:45pm

Mon 5:45  Ballet               Miss Aksna 

Wed 5:00 Ballet               Miss Ale 

Wed 5:45 Ballet                 Miss Ale

Wed 6:30 Ballet                Miss Ale

Thur 4:15 Ballet                Miss Ale

Thur 5:00 Ballet              Miss Ale

Thur 5:45 Ballet               Miss Ale

Thur 6:30 Ballet              Miss Ale 

Fri   5:00 Ballet               Miss Aksana 

Dancers 6:45 Pizza and Treats studio B


Tuesday 12/17th 

3:15 Drop off Studio C 

Studio A 4:30 1st performance - Parents with Tuesday dancers 

Studio A 5:00 2nd performance- Parents with Wed/Thur dancers 

performances is about 25 mins - same dances  and dancer

Apps for parents studio B-3:15-5:00pm

Classes in Tuesdays performance 1 and 2

Tuesday 3:30 Hip Hop   Estaben 

Tuesday 3:30 Combo     Miss Brea

Tuesday 3:30 Ballet        Miss Sasha 

Tuesday 4:25 Jazz           Miss Brea 

Tuesday 4:25 Jazz            Miss Sasha 

Tuesday 5:10 Tumbling  Miss Sasha 

Tuesday 5:10 Tap            Miss Missy 

Wed 3:30 Tap/Ballet       Miss Sasha 

Wed 3:30 Ballet/Lyrical  Miss Aksana 

Wed 4:15 Jazz/Lyrical      Miss Aksana 

Wed 4:15 Tumbling          Miss Sasha 

Wed 5:00 Ballet                Miss Sasha 

Thur 3:30 Jazz                  Miss Eilidh

5:30 Dancers Pizza and Treats! Studio B 

6:30 1st Performance  12/17th  Rec Parents ONLY 


Tuesday 5:30 Drop off Studio C 

Drinks and Apps for parents studio B-5:30-630 

Tuesday 4:15 Hip Hop              Estaben 

Tuesday 5:10 Contemporary   Kat 

Tuesday 6:00 Contemporary  Kat 

Tuesday 6:45 Contemporary  Kat 

Tuesday 6:45 Tap                      Miss Missy 

Tues 6:45 Tumbling                    Vega 

Tues   7:30 Tumbling                  Vega 

Tuesday 7:30 Hip Hop                Kat 

Tues/Thur 8:15 Tumbling          Vega 

Wed 5:00 Lyrical/Jazz     Miss Aksana 

Wed 5:45 Ballet                 Miss Aksana 

Wed 6:30 Hip Hop                   Kat 

Wed 6:30 Jazz                           Miss Annika 

Thur 3:30 Hip Hop                  Derek 

Thur 6:30 Tumbling                Vega 

Thur  7:30 Tumbling               Vega 

Thur 8:00 Tumbling                 Vega 

7:15 Dancers Pizza and Treats! Studio B 


7:30-8:15 2nd Performance  Comp Parents ONLY   12/17th 

7:00 Drinks and Apps for parents studio B 

Jr Comp- She Keeps me warm/Undertow 

Teen Int -Higher love/Wish you were here

Teen Comp-Bury a friend/Out numbered 

Jr Hip Hop-Annabelle 

Teen Hip Hop-Press 

Sr Comp-I Found 

8:15 Comp Dancers Pizza and Treats! Studio C