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2024-2025 Dance Season  
Sept 11th-June 22nd   

 Dance Season one time fee; due at Sign up:


Yearly Registration                                 $65.00


Monthly Tuition

Billing Starts 1st of each Month

Sept- 2024-June 2025

Drop in                                              $35.00

30min class/week                             $85/month

One class/week                                $95/month

Two classes/week                             $190/month

Three classes/week                          $280/month

Four classes/week                            $360/month

Five classes/week                             $440/month

Six-Eight classes/week                     $510/month

Nine or more classes add                $20 per class/month

Family 6-8 classes each 2 dancers   $700/month

Family 6-8 classes each 3 dancers   $975/month

Competition Solo/Duo/Trio              $50 


  • Tuition is paid monthly and is the same regardless of how many classes fall within the month.

  • The Dance Company of Los Gatos accepts only automatic credit card payments for tuition.  We do not accept cash or checks.

  • Tuition is due on the 1st of each month and is considered delinquent if not paid by 6pm on the 5th.  If your payment is declined, you will receive an email notification and you should update your credit card on file before the 5th of the month to avoid a $15 late payment charge to your account.

  • Please email with any billing/tuition questions.



  • In the event you need to change class, please email If there is space available in the desired class, your dancer may start in the new class the following week.

  • There are no refunds after the first class. If you wish to withdraw from class(es) completely (and not change to an alternate class), an email notification must be submitted two weeks prior to the month you wish to withdraw, to - No tuition refunds will be considered for class withdrawals where proper notice is not received. Your account will remain active (and tuition charged) unless proper withdrawal procedures have been followed.

  • There are no discounts or refunds for classes missed. If you withdraw from all classes and re-enroll in the same dance season, a $25 re-registration fee will be assessed to your family account. 

  • Cancellation: TDC reserves the right to cancel any class that does not have four or more dancers enrolled. If an alternate class selection is not available you will receive a full refund. 



  • In order for your child to progress and benefit the most from their training, consistent attendance and participation is required.

  • Dancers should arrive to class in proper dance attire.  Hair must be in a bun for ballet and ponytail for all other classes.  

  • Plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of class. Any dancer arriving more than 15 minutes late for class will have their participation evaluated at the sole discretion of the instructor.

  • No food, drinks or gum are allowed in the dance studios or lobby areas. Water is always allowed.

  •  Due to limited studio space, make-up classes are not offered. 

  • If a recreational class is missed by the teacher and a substitute can not be found, the class will be canceled and a make-up will be scheduled at a later date. If you choose not to have your dancer participate in class with a substitute instructor, that is your choice. No refund of tuition will be made for a missed class.

  • SHOWCASE - TDC holds an end-of-year showcase (usually in mid-June). This is an exciting opportunity for our dancers to show friends and family all they have learned throughout the year. Dancers are automatically enrolled to perform in Showcase with their enrolled classes. Costume charges will be charged in early March. Families will be given adequate notice to inform the studio if your dancer will not be participating in Showcase. Once the March deadline passes, NO refunds will be given for costumes ordered.



  • TDC dancers and parents expected to show courtesy and respect to all instructors and other students. TDC dancers are always respectful, supportive, encouraging and are positive in spirit, attitude and behavior.

  •  Dancers are to be respectful of themselves and others in the words and images used. This includes agreeing not to use social media and texting to mock, tease, embarrass, harass, gossip or reveal secrets about a fellow dancer, instructor or any other person. Dancers should not use inappropriate language on social media or post photos that could be embarrassing to themselves, their family or the studio.


The Dance Company of Los Gatos runs on an 10-month program from September to June. The monthly tuition rates listed, for 2022-2023 reflect the total number of classes attended per week by all members of a single family,  averaged over the ten-month period. Monthly tuition is ALWAYS the same (from September through June) regardless of the number of classes in the month.


Every dance year we have an end of the year recital. All dancers/classes will participate in a recital show and possibly more. Recital is optional; however 99% of our dancers do participate and love this opportunity to perform with their classmates on stage! Costumes are ordered in February and will be delivered to the studio in the spring. All classes are "locked" in February to prepare for recital shows. 



TDC has a Closed Door Policy at all classes. It is our experience that students are better focused without the distraction of parents, siblings, and friends.

Observers and parents may watch the 1st week of every month through our lobby viewing windows, as long as it does not disrupt the students or the teacher. Only teachers and students are allowed in the studio classroom; no parents or visitors please. 



Raising the Bar



Combo/Tiny Tots: Any style or color leotard and skirt. Please make sure skirt is above the knee. Ballet and Tap shoes required.

Ballet Shoes

Tap Shoes

Pre Ballet: No tap shoes needed
Ballet Shoes 


Jazz: Any style leotard or dance attire. No clothing may be worn to obstruct the view of the body (i.e. baggy shirts/ pants). Jazz shoes are required.
Child  Shoes

Adult  Shoes

Lyrical: Any style leotard or dance attire. No clothing may be worn to obstruct the view of the body (i.e. baggy shirts/ pants). Jazz  or lyrical shoes are required.
Child Shoes 

Adult Shoes

Ballet: Black leotard (no skirt), pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in a bun. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Adult Shoes

Child Shoes

Adult Tights

Child Tights

Tumbling: Any style leotard or dance attire. No clothing may be worn to obstruct the view of the body (i.e. baggy shirts/pants). No Shoes or Full Footed tights 

Hip Hop: Comfortable clothing. No tight jeans, skirts, flip flops, elevated shoes of any sort. Sneakers preferred. 

Tap: Comfortable dance attire. No pants that drag on the floor, feet must be visible. Tap shoes required.
Tap Shoes


Flex/Turns/Jumps: Any style leotard or dance attire. No clothing may be worn to obstruct the view of the body (i.e. baggy shirts/ pants). 


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