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Our commitment at The Dance Company Of Los Gatos is to provide excellence in dance education and training for dancers of all ages and abilities. Our instructors have years of teaching and performance experience and place great importance on the quality of dance education for their students.

 2019-2020 Registration is



Classes begin September 9th 

Tiny Tots

Pre Ballet ages 2.5-3: a thirty-minute introductory dance class that is structured and fun! Incorporating ballet and creative movement, young dancers learn how to follow direction and imitate movement in a positive environment. 


Combo Dance

An age specific 45 minute class incorporating ballet, tap, jazz and creative movement. This class introduces young dancers to the three styles of dance and inspires movement and creativity within.


  • Ballet:  Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles where dancers will focus on building proper body alignment, strength, flexibility, balance, grace, and musicality.  It gives dancers a solid foundation of technique, and with that strong base, they are better able to perform other dance styles. Available for dancers age 6 and up.

  • Jazz: A fun, high energy dance form that develops technique, rhythm, and style. Jazz dance lessons will help dancers build strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Available for dancers age 6 and up.

  • Tap: Tap dance is a timeless art that combines dance and percussion. Tap class introduces and enforces the understanding and creation of different rhythms. Tap is a fun and challenging form of dance that helps promotes increased control, rhythm, timing and coordination. Students develop musicality through various cross-floor exercises and routines.  During class the focus is on proper technique, clear tap sounds and appropriate speed.  Students will gain an understanding of music while learning to control their bodies. Available for dancers age 7 and up.

  • Hip Hop: Originating from street dancing, Hip Hop incorporates the hottest new dances with explosive movement and freestyling.  Hip Hop will help your dancer build strength, agility, musicality, and style. Available for dancers age 4 and up.

  • Lyrical/Contempoary: Fuses the technical foundations of Ballet, Modern, and Jazz into a class that teaches dancers to interpret lyrics and tell a story with their dance moves.  Lyrical/contemporary dance will explore improvisation, dance composition, and musical interpretation. Available for dancers age 9 and up.

Advanced TDC students are self-motivated and take technique classes up to 4 days per week. Levels  are sometimes combined and other times separated as needed by the dancers to best challenge and refine technique.  

Pre-Pointe: Pre-pointe is a class designed specifically to build the strength and flexibility of a dancer’s feet and ankles.  They learn a number of exercises that will help mold their feet into a more aesthetically pleasing shape for dance.  It teaches them how to use their feet in a more articulate way, and it helps prepare them for the demands of pointe work.


Pointe: Pointe is a Ballet class where dancers wear pointe shoes and support their whole body weight on the tips of a fully extended foot.  Dancers must meet the physical criteria and be invited to join this class. Students at TDC will be evaluated by the Ballet Director before they graduate to full pointe work. Pointe classes are offered in addition to regular Ballet technique classes in order to safely build the strength required for full pointe work.  Pointe Levels I, II and III may be repeated based on the specific needs of each dancer. A minimum of three Ballet Technique classes must be attended each week in addition to the dancer's Pointe class.



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